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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Hey! Kenapa ek? Kenapa? Bila aku kata kau salah, kau tak nak mengaku..
Dan bila aku kata kau betul, kau kata aku tipu..
daaaa? What is that fuckin words? I hate those shit words coming out through your mouth! It's seems to be like a jerk! I wonder why your fortune is in a miserable.. That's stings right?

I hate that mouth.. Nagging here and there, for just a small issues.. What the fuck is that?! ERGHHH!

I wonder why I'm not live and had a life in Neptun .. hurrmmm..?
Life, is just like a knife.. When it had been cut, it will be wounded.. The scar will be there over a years.. 
Perhaps, forever :'|


★ aIsyaH ★ said...

lg c0mel sbb awk ckp dgn kucing..hik2:)

Tara Asrar (NEW) said...

hahaha.. thanks :) but youre in a wrong comment box :D