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Saturday, 12 January 2013

I am 19 !

Assalamua'laikum earthling :)

Well today I am now officially as Nineteen years old! whoahoa.. I am old already on 11th January!! *loncatloncat*
For the first time I celebrate myself alone without my family in foreign city.. Sad? Of coz nope.. I am happy.. very very happy.. gee, of course I am sad.. hello? I want cake! I want oreo cheese cake! :( anyone please bake for me please?! oh yaa, secret recipe.. but, I want a handmade cake :'(

Whatever, so yahh, I would like to thanks to all for wishing me in Facebook, Fon Msg, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, & Viber :)  You guys, awesome!
And espeacially thanks to my besties since school EDD, APPLE, and ZAI, for wishing me and texting me with a long text msg with a hope that I will succeed in my life.. wahh.. *terharu* I love them very heaven much! and to my buddies/besties/mummy here in Kuala Lumpur that I used to call her Mama/Mummy or EYKA, thanks for everything... thanks for cooked for me! hihi.. I love you! and thanks to DIyah that were always remembring my birthday ! hahaha muah muahh <3

Ahaa.. Some of them asked me.. what is your wish? and I replied them with a smily+bimbo face, that I want to be marry with a CHEF! haha like seriously.. coz what? I hate to go to dapur and masak.. I prefer to write and read instead of masak-masak.. but, hello, I am good at cook actually.. maybe, a good cooker to my dear husband and families:) haha
And.. and..  my hope is, I will success in my future.. success with my final2 results with flying colours, Amin! anddddddddd.. I hope, I will be a good physiotherapist soon, yah, one day! hope that I can make my degree in USM and can fly to oversea to persue my work there.. *hoping*

Thanks to Allah coz still giving me a chance to live in this world.. although I've got so many problems and trials that HE gave me, I am still grateful coz HE always give me forbearance to faced the problems.. well, some phrase said that, If we never failed, we never learn.. am I right? hikhik..

Me with my weird face.. ohh plishhh :D haha

Before I end up my story, here is some random photos of me and them.. :)

APPLE, EDD & ZAI ! <33 miissed them so much :( need to make a date with them personaly! 

EYKA!!!!!!!!  <3 
After Final Exam! hihi
dakk senget :3 hahaha 
I told Eyka last week, " Teringin nak makan cempedak goreng.. aku mengidam ni.. *sambilgegargegar kan dia*.. and yet suddenly when she come back home from college yesterday, she bought the cempedak! yay!

That's All.. by the way, I am sad with someone attitude.. why he being like that? oh whatever.. happy happ happy ! >.<


Anonymous said...

HB :-)

Miiss Tara said...

siapa ye? thanks you ;)

Honey Madu said...

oll the best tara !